Kids’ Jewelry Party

Last Christmas, while relaxing after stuffing my face 🙂 at a friend’s place, the discussion somehow turned to me and my jewelry business/passion… one thing led to another and the next thing you know, we were planning a kids jewelry party – my 1st ever!
Thanks to Denene, all I had to provide was the jewelry – she rounded up 13 curious little girls in her living room one Saturday afternoon in January.

It was fun to see their happy faces and the pride they took in making their own jewelry! I provided 8 different designs to pick from – each girl got to pick 2 designs. The most popular was the blue/sapphire earring and necklace set—surprising, considering the fact that it was not pink 🙂

After playing in beads for a while, all the girls got to enjoy fruit punch and the all-so-yummy cupcakes Denene’s girls helped their mommy make 🙂

See them proudly showed off her handiwork – and as you can tell, they enjoyed her cupcake as well 🙂

No one can deny how much Sage (below) enjoyed her necklace and cupcake 🙂

Read more on Denene’s blog:

R ü b y



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2 responses to “Kids’ Jewelry Party

  1. Execumama

    Beautiful post, Ruby! Somehow, I feel rather connected to your li’l model, Sage-Niambi…lol! It really was a fantastic idea, and I encourage all mommies of little girls to consider this as a great party option when planning your little princess’s next shindig!

  2. What a great idea! I do jewelry parties for adults and have had the occassional girl that comes with Mom, all of your the girls just look so proud!

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